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Cyndi Fazzio Receives Chairman's Award from Building Industry Association
Cyndi Fazzio, Mason-McDuffie Mortgage vice-president of the builder division, was honored Jan. 29 with the prestigious Chairman’s award at the annual Building Industry Association of the Bay Area 2016 installation at the Claremont Hotel.
                Fazzio reached the award from the outgoing chairman, Dave Sanson of DeNova Homes. It recognized her activity in the organization, which she joined almost 10 years ago when she started at Mason-McDuffie Mortgage. Fazzio will serve this year as vice-chair overseeing the various associate councils and helping them coordinate their efforts.
                One key effort for 2016 will be informing the broader builder community and related companies about the importance of getting the Legislature or taxpayers through a bond issue to refill the fund established in 1989 by SB 50 to provide state matching funds for building or renovating schools. The state has not passed a school bond issue since 2016. There is a huge backlog of facilities built 20 to 30 years ago that need renovation as well as new construction needed in communities that are growing.
                Her efforts will be focused through her leadership of the Professional Women in Building. She also is a member of the board of the sales and marketing council.
                This is the third time Fazzio has been recognized by the council. Twice previously, she has been named service provider of the year.
                Fazzio established the builder division after she joined Mason-McDuffie Mortgage. She has worked with homebuilders throughout her career.